The Beginning of the process of  creating a distinctive vehicle is always a design.

These designs are done using a combination of hand drawn and computer rendered images which are placed over pictures of the vehicle or a similar vehicle to give clients a realistic view of their finished vehicle or potential project.

Our portfolio contains a large number of examples of this process and completed vehicles. Here is a selection of them to start with.

Dulux S-cargo

HRT Truck

Pioneer Pod

Monroe Pace Car

We have been lucky to be associated with Racepaint and involved in some very interesting projects

Vehicle restoration is also a passion and from time to time vehicles are restored for others. To have a look at some of these visit our Pit Stop Restoration site


P76 - Targa florio

  • View your vehicle as it might look prior to the paintwork being completed or work started.

  • Have a proposal designed before taking it to a potential backer.

P76 - Virtual Ute

2009 AG Photography & Design